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Our mission is to activate people to be their best.

COVID-19 has put a dent in traditional work styles which has highlighted the importance of employee culture and engagement. Whether employees are working remotely or on the frontline, let's give them the tools and support to be their best.


"When we focus on the big picture, it enables us to understand all of the small changes that need to take place.

We work backwards from the end of a problem to the beginning to treat the root cause issues along the way."

~Meagan Bond

Meagan’s background consists of learning & development, talent acquisition, and corporate strategy & innovation within industries such as luxury retail, tech, finance, and healthcare.

As she moved up in her career, Meagan was intrigued by the constant dichotomy of speed and quality. She began to breakdown the challenges of high demands and tight timelines to understand a healthier approach. She started taking time to stop, reflect, and solve problems with clarity, consciously creating a culture of awareness rather than reactivity. She found that this technique not only increased productivity and allowed teams to finish work ahead of schedule, but it also created an opening for a larger scale culture transformation.


Meagan redirected her career trajectory to support companies with culture transformation and focused on the implementation of training and coaching into daily responsibilities. During this time, she worked with senior executives from various industries, supported a firm through a merger, and led multiple large-scale culture changes for Fortune 500 companies.

Meagan has built out her proven method over time and specializes in incorporating the specific goals of the client into her work.

Meagan is the Founder and CEO of The Bond Consulting Group. Additionally, she serves as the Chair of the Board for The Brave Women Project and WELD Pittsburgh (Women for Economic & Leadership Development), recently named 2020 Chapter of the Year. 




To make real change, we have to meet people where they are, connect, then provide tools for success.

The art of human connection is lost when we rush the process.

We help organizations reconnect with their most valuable asset to drive long-term success.

Throughout my career and exposure to a variety of industries in corporate America, I recognized the need for a focused approach to building a culture of growth and development within a company. I observed how leaders would try so hard to get employees aligned to a mission or work ethic just to miss the mark time and time again.


This intrigued me so I hunkered down and began to explore various approaches to employee engagement and culture change, while also researching basic human psychology, the impact of language, and neurolinguistics. Based on my research, I began testing various techniques within the organizations I supported: I would take notes daily, tracking the effectiveness of different tactics. On the weekends, I conducted focus groups to learn more about what people wanted from their companies and what success factors worked for them.


After years of investigation, it became clear that there is an untapped space that sits between organizational development and training that is not yet filled and it invites the suggestion to approach employees holistically rather than in parts.

When you support the whole individual and address those touch-points, you can align employee to organization and vice versa while simultaneously supporting the individual with the most effective approach to producing high-quality work.


I started the Bond Consulting Group to empower organizations to drive results through high-performing and high-functioning leaders and individual contributors. We go beyond automation and operationalizing antiquated processes to dig deep into the humans that drive companies to greatness.

The Bond Consulting Group will continue to evolve and acclimate to the needs of our clients and their industries. As we embrace a new year and continuously adapt to an ever-changing world, we will remain current, relevant, and focused on serving others by creating a space for people to be their best.

Meagan Bond

Meagan Bond

Founder & CEO



In the construction of our practice, we established a set of ethics to put at the center of our approach. In every decision we have made and will continue to make, we use our ethics statement as the foundation. In our work we will:

  • Make sure we are the best firm for your needs.

  • Partner with other firms in our community.

  • Make decisions in the best interest of the client.

  • Continue to develop and grow as a team.

  • Listen to you.

  • Commit to asking the right questions and in turn solve the root causes of problems.

  • Practice The Method in our personal and professional lives so we are at our best.

  • Share information at all times.

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