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“Stop insisting on clearing your head, clear your heart instead,” Charles Bukowski

Your external space has the power to amplify your goals and ambitions, especially as you are doing focused work on yourself: if you have changed on the inside but nothing has changed around you it is very easy, almost inevitable, for the tendencies of patterns past to creep up and pull you back to your original state. Your home, your car, even your cubicle, all have an attachment to you: you are the owner or renter of this space, and it represents who you are to others and to yourself.

There is not a roadmap for creating a space that sparks creativity, focus, or passion as we are all different and require different tools. This work is about connecting with your instincts and allowing yourself to find grounding in your personal pleasures. As we evolve and change, the possessions that no longer serve us continue to take up space in our world, challenging our change and often times pulling us back into old habits. Creating a space that is apt for the growth and the betterment of your future self is all in preparation for your long-term success. Everything in your space should be methodically wrought with intention, whether it be something that signifies an act of self-love, inspiration, or merely a tool such as a box of sharpened pencils on your desk. This process is about finding the things that are uniquely you and eliminating those that activate negative tendencies of habit. If you are doing the work to eat better, it would make sense to eliminate artificial sugars and frozen pizzas from your home and it would behoove you to fill your refrigerator with healthy foods that you love. You are mimicking this simple yet advantageous method throughout your entire home and ultimately positioning yourself to make better choices.

“How you do anything is how you do everything” Unknown

A helpful tip in building out your space is to keep it simple. You can find so much beauty and joy in the simple things. A mansion with gardens and a swimming pool is nice but so is a small and uncomplicated space. By finding appreciation in your current situation, exactly as it is you are gifted the freedom to fall in love with home. The less burdened you are by big furniture and extravagant things the more opportunity you have to find beauty in an elegant throw or an antique armoire. A single, hand-picked flower placed in a small vase on your dresser can carry the powerful energy of love and quiet. Precious items such as a stack of your favorite books piled up in the corner of your room, a photo of a loving parent beautifully framed and posted all by itself in the center of a great wall, or a water decanter from your trip to Mexico that remains filled in your bathroom as a quenching morning welcome are all examples of simple inspirations. Taking great care of the small things with respect and appreciation is an act of self-love through presence. Love shows up in the moments that go unnoticed by the distracted, and creating your space is about carving out those quiet moments all around you.

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