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The Bond Consulting Group Launches

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The Bond Consulting Group launches its website today along with the premiere issue of #thebondspace, our weekly blog. Initiating this business has been an amazing journey and I look forward to sharing my experiences, expertise, and method of transformation with you. First, I want to thank my incredible team for their hard work and long hours: I have never quite experienced something like the bond that is created when you start at the ground level to build a start up with others. Thank you for all that you have done to jumpstart The Bond Consulting Group and bring us to life.

Today, I sit here, on the dawn of our businesses launch thinking about what I want to share with our audience, you. There is the customary: What makes us special, how our offerings will drive results, and what’s in it for me? And while I can answer these questions, I would rather you walk away with the knowledge of WHO we are. I want to share with you the core philosophy and motivators that incited The Bond Consulting Group. My past experiences, blended background, and experience with change are what drives me, and if you connect to what I share, then I encourage you to learn more and connect with us.


I (like most of you) have sat in a myriad of work meetings, engaged in thousands of update calls, and interacted with all levels of leadership during ideation sessions, most revolving around some type of change. Questions like “How do we implement meaningful employee engagement” or “Why are our employees not adopting this new way of work,” were the backdrop to these conversations and I found the chase exciting: looking for solutions to these borderline existential challenges. When I finally arrived at a conclusion, the answer could not have been more clear yet challenging: meaningful and lasting change can only happen when you take on a truly holistic approach. Change is not a band aid. Change is not something that can happen in a Town Hall (although this could be a step to change). I believe that the only way people can transform, and companies can shift an entire culture is through connection to every part of the equation and not simply the problem at hand. Change is not a one-and-done solution, it’s a state of evolution. It requires a deep-rooted exploration of values, culture, organizational design, and a hard look in the leadership mirror. Holistic change starts with a question versus a problem to solve: “If we want to make this change, are we willing to invest not only money or resources, but ourselves as leaders to make it happen?


The Juxtaposition of the Fashion World & Corporate America

My career has gifted me a front row seat to the comparison of the Fashion World to Corporate America. While these two worlds might seem mutually exclusive, the likeness of both is what has shaped my perspective on transformation and what The Bond Consulting Group will drive forward. My fashion and retail background have allowed me to build a deep-rooted love and admiration of designers. It is an industry on the cutting edge of change, transformation, and challenging the norm. I have spent time researching the foundation of this industry and securing a passion for the art and drama behind one piece of clothing, I have wardrobed celebrities for events with an intent focus on every single detail of their look. I have also supported Fortune 500 companies through mergers, agile project management, and highly technical product rollouts for new organizational imperatives. The fashion world and Corporate America are not so different: in the end they are both people and product driven. This blend is the magic formula: it creates a space that focuses on the service of telling a story to bring the customer in and gives them the opportunity to see a reality beyond their current state while providing them with the tools to make lasting change.



In fashion, we sell a story of transformation: the person you want to become. Once that essence is captured, we give the client the ability to bring that dream to life through garment. This allows people to present themselves to the world in alignment with their internal values. This essence, aura, and state of mind we create from an authentic look allows a person to be their best self.

In business this transformation might be “an improved future state” for our company: a place we as an organization can become better. When you focus on people in a holistic manner you catalyze their ability to see the “better” and that it is obtainable. We can not only change the way individuals show up for work, we can improve their performance and competence.

In the fashion industry a designer or stylist must first assess their client’s overall appearance, stature, and build, not quite unlike an organization’s assessment of current state through identifying strengths and weaknesses.

In fashion, a look is identified to tell the story, the dream, that the client wants to live, not unlike designing a method or set of cultural values to leave a lasting impression on employees, new hires, and external stakeholders.

A follow up is most always established with a client in the fashion industry with the desire to bring them back and continue to build their future state; it is a personal connection. In an organization, leaders must circle back with their employees and teams and hold them accountable to work. Change is not merely a directive, it’s a relationship and an understanding that requires attention, dedication, and attention paid to every person impacted.

It is this kind of dedication and commitment that The Bond Consulting Group will bring to each client. A tailored approach. A dedication to seeing beyond the problem at hand and connecting to the deeper sense of organization. We will drive positive and lasting change through helping people and companies craft their desired goal state while providing them with the tools to achieve success.

Thank you for reading our first post. I am looking forward to talking to you soon!

The best business people are the ones thinking like artists.

- Elbar Albez, Fashion Designer & Educator

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