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The Human Method 


We best serve our clients through the art of conversation and human interaction. We’ve spent 5+ years developing a results-driven technique focusing on a company’s most valuable resource: its people. Our approach is as unique as the client themselves. People want to add value and contribute on their terms while maximizing their skillset. Highly-structured human change processes can erode individuality and impede buy-in; morale wanes over time. Our inclusive approach does not box people in. It allows them to thrive in their own way while affixed to clear expectations.


The Discovery Phase

We employ various tactics to help you clearly see the current state and identify root cause issues that need addressed.


The Resistance Phase

We identify areas where there will be resistance or pushback and build an approach to disarm these challenges.


The Alignment Phase

We help to set clear expectations and establish alignment between team values and organizational values; this is where leaders can make the shift from managing to serving their people.


The Implementation Phase

Real change becomes visible at this point. Our approach catalyzes people to display growth through judgement, change in behavior, and daily interaction; people will begin to go above and beyond their job expectations through a greater sense of purpose


Set Your Standard

We establish a winning routine and standards for success. We create lasting change by setting clear expectations and creating a pattern of consistency for your team to live by.


Develop Your Team

We set a plan for ongoing learning & development so that your team will continue to experience growth and learn to move seamlessly through change and cultural shifts.



We incite a space for individuals to reflect on their personal development through moments of accomplishment and opportunities for growth. This solidifies accountability to the work and a growth mindset.

Happy people attending a conference clapping



Whether we are facilitating a two-day accelerator course or supporting you through a tiered culture transformation, you can expect the same level of commitment to our full approach.

There is a fundamental behavioral shift when we start with awareness and tap into our own internal resources—it changes the way we show up and allows us to work at a higher percentage of our full potential.

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